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Coronavirus: Who is Most at Risk?

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The U.S. has now experienced 11 total deaths, and the international fatality count for the virus hovers right around 2%. COVID-19 is officially a public health emergency the world over, and you know already that you should limit contact with anyone who appears sick, avoid large crowds, and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. But is everyone in danger of death from the virus? As it turns out, not really.

The majority of deaths that have occurred so far have been in patients with compromised immune systems. The CDC has advised that the flu virus has killed more even this year than the coronavirus has ever killed. But much like the flu, certain groups of people are most at risk. If you have a healthy immune system, and take the recommended precautions, it is still very unlikely that in the U.S. you will even contract the disease, let alone die from it.

Generally speaking, young children (especially babies), the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems (such as those undergoing chemo, those with autoimmune diseases, etc.) are the most likely to contract the disease. This is why it's so important that, as a community, we do our best to protect these vulnerable groups with some common sense practices.

We'll get through this. Just keep clean and carry on!

Photo: Pixabay