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Cotton fertilizer and pest management

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My name is Aravind Shyamrao Rathod (26) from Village Sonvadhona, Taluka Ner, district Yavatmal. I am doing farming for the last four years, in traditional way. I had sown rain-fed Bt cotton crop on eight acres of land in kharif 2019. I was regularly using the tollfree helpline and voice message services of Reliance Foundation Information Service. In the month of July 2019, I asked about the fertilizer to be applied to the cotton crop as a basal dose. Further, in the month of September 2019, there was an infestation of sucking pests and bollworms on cotton crop for which I wanted to know the remedy of insecticides for spraying. Prof. Rajendra Jane, Expert from Reliance Foundation suggested to apply either of one bag (50 kg) of 10:26:26 grade fertilizer or 50 kg of diammonium phosphate along with 30 kg urea. For pest management he advised to spray Trizophos 40 EC or Profenofos 50 EC plus and neem seed kernel extract. After the measures taken as suggested by the experts, the quantity of fertilizer was reduced and right time as well as right pesticidal spraying saved about Rs. 7,000. In spite of unfavourable weather, this year I could produce 70 quintals of seed cotton worth Rs. 3,50,000.