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Couple Ends Up In Hospital After Attempt To Spice Up Sex Life Goes Horribly  Wrong

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After things went horribly wrong, a couple who were trying to add some kink into their sex life ended up in A&E.

Nick and Stefani made an appearance on TLC's Sex Sent Me to the ER, where they discussed the unfortunate incident.

The couple said on the show that they wanted to try bondage and, for the first time, used restraint tape, with Stefani binding Nick to the bed.

"Things were just really heating up, and we're both getting really passionate," Stefani revealed. "All of a sudden, I'm getting these sharp stomach pains."

"I just had to come to a halt; something wasn't right." It was nuts, but I jumped off and dashed to the toilet.

"Right now, I'm suffering from intense nausea." Isn't it true that severe nausea isn't all that sexy?

Stefani's head ended up in the toilet bowl, but remember Nick, who was still tethered to the bed at this stage.

"I started to feel pins and needles in my hands and feet, and it was getting excruciating," he said. I called out, but no one answered. "I hear Stefani vomiting in the shower, and I get nervous because she does it a lot."

I'm losing circulation, and it's becoming excruciatingly painful."

Despite her near-constant spitting, Stefani can return to the bedroom with a pair of scissors in an attempt to free her boyfriend, but she is only able to free one of Nick's arms with the blunt scissors before she has to return to the bedroom.

Nick's hand begins to swell, and Stefani cannot stop vomiting, so the two decide to call 911 for assistance.

Nick is examined at the hospital for permanent damage to his blood vessels due to being held up for too long, but he's okay.

On the other hand, Stefani has been advised that she would require emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder."Not only is my gallbladder infected, but I also have a gallstone blocking my pancreatic duct, which causes pancreatitis," she says.

"The gallstone was knocked around by the vigorous activity during sex, according to the doctor."

Oh, no.