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Cow poo cakes recovered in a bag during a journey from Covid-ravaged India.

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After discovering a cow faeces "cake surprise" in a discarded luggage, authorities pleaded with approaching guests.  However, the chances of disease dissemination are incredibly high.

US customs officials incinerated a couple of cow poo cakes discovered in a discarded bag after being brought in on an Air India trip.

Staff at US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encouraged incoming fly passengers to refrain from bringing the delicacy into the nation because it represents a danger of reintroducing Foot and Mouth Disease.

It was revealed that some people were using cow dung in the mistaken notion that it could fight the Covid virus, which is now devastating the country.

An exceptional CBP announcement detailed how agriculture professionals were dispatched to Washington Dulles Airport to inspect and destroy the "cake surprise" in suspiciously smelling remaining luggage.

"That is not a misprint," the authorities added. According to the CBP, agricultural illness is still a worldwide issue and, if identified, may block international cattle traffic.

Since 1929, the United States has been free of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Indian government ministers have backed up these claims, claiming that cow urine may heal cancer and that cow's milk contains gold.

Scientists are sceptical of its efficacy in treating coronavirus or other illnesses. The Indian Medical Association recently claimed that cow dung is more likely to spread disease than cure it.

Mixed messages from Indian politicians and spiritual leaders are also thought to have contributed to public scepticism about the country's immunisation programme.

Though not edible, the "cakes" are becoming increasingly popular as a symbol in religious rites. 

They are available in Indian stores, as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Cow manure is also regarded to be an essential source of energy for cooking, with cow dung being utilised as a skin detoxifier, antibacterial, and fertiliser

The incident is not being treated as a national security threat.