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Cowboy Hat-Wearing Pigeon 'Coolamity Jane' Still at Large

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It's become an internet sensation: pigeons wearing cowboy hats in Las Vegas have struck the public with a mix of amusement and concern. While many saw the hat-wearing birds as an adorable oddity, some, including Las Vegas bird rescuer Mariah Hillman, viewed the accessory as a danger to pigeons in the area. Dr. Robert Groskin, executive director of the Association of Avian Veterinarians, stated that the hats could put the birds in significant danger, as they cannot sense danger or locate food as effectively. Groskin told NBC,“I don’t understand why anyone would do anything like this. It’s certainly potentially abusive.”

Hillman, founder of Lofty Hopes bird rescue in Las Vegas, hopes to help these pigeons. She has caught several of the birds to have a veterinarian remove the hats, giving them nicknames such as Cluck Norris and Billie the Pidge. One in particular, which she has named Coolamity Jane, a pigeon wearing a red hat faded over time, has escaped her again and again. Hillman had tracked the birds to a particular apartment complex, and stakes it out in search of Coolamity Jane every few days.

So far, the Las Vegas police told reporters that the issue was not "a police matter,"and so those responsible for putting the hats on the birds may escape justice. For Hillman's part, it's enough if the elusive Coolamity Jane can be caught.