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The faith was failing...I can't afford 

myself to be lost and shackled by 

the tradition I was guided into..

it's a burden I cannot carry for 

I am nothing but a free spirit 

that seeks loneliness..

My soul craves for destroy 

and to haul down the very core of forgetfulness...because that is 

what  tempts many to go astray

It might have taken years of practice to

 summon the spirit of lone wolf to myself

it would have been a painful moment 

when my soul was taken away and was replaced with that of the lone wolf…

Time did play a great role in healing the wounds,even then it left scars on my body

it will remind me of the torments

I underwent .

andof the nemesis that is inevitable

The path chosen was often lonely..

unless with occasional random people 

who have llost their way..

Other than the intertwined and twisted will never confuse you..

 tempting you to..go..forward..

to walk without any destination

Trust was torn down by the pleas of togetherness….relationships went down 

with a mockery of the same.

absence cannot be tolerated,

entertained and late comers unwelcomed

Instead of good, innocence feeds upon the evil thus becoming the well bred hybrids of pure evil that binds and drag the self into the bottom of nothingness .