Cultural Shock Series #1: Cold Beverage in All Seasons?

Brookline, MA Brookline

As an international student who came to the US for graduate study two years ago, I think it’s time for me to write a series of articles related to the cultural shocks I’ve encountered these years. The aim of this article is not going to attack or offend any cultures, which is also the thing that I’ll never do in my whole life, so the purpose of this series is only trying to offer a different perspective to view a certain culture.

Okay, so the first cultural shock I encountered is that I realized most Americans love to drink cold beverages in all seasons. In the first Winter season I stayed in the US, I was so confused. When we drink something cold, aren’t our stomachs and other organs feeling cold too? Then how could we face the snowy and cold weather outside? I believe there’re still lots of restaurants offering hot water, but I always notice Americans sitting beside me are having cold water on their tables.

After one year I think I figured out the reason. It may because in the US, you guys always have heat system in all places including offices, malls, supermarkets, restaurants and so on. It’s warm enough to get yourself a cold drink without feeling cold.

But this is just my guess, so if you’d like to share your opinions and help me figure out the real reason, I am happy to hear that!


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