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Cure for greed by knowledge

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Greed for the world should be replaced with greed for the hereafter. But, this will not be achieved just by saying a few sentences. Instead, repeated contemplation and meditation are required. This cure has been derived from another verse of the Holy Quran. Gracious Allah has said: 'Indeed the righteous ones are definitely in serenity. (Reclining) on thrones, looking ( at the bounties of Paradise) You will recognize the freshness of serenity on their faces. They will be given pure wine to drink, which is kept, sealed. It's seal of musk, and for this, let those aspire, who are aspires. (Part 30, Surah Al-Mutaffifeen, Ayah 22-26)

Here is the method of pondering over these verses : Compare the favours of Paradise with the pleasure of the world. For instance, compare (temporary) rest in the world with (never-ending) solace in the hereafter, on the one hand, there are small wooden thrones here in the world but, on the other, there are splendid gold and silver thrones studded with diamonds and gems in the hereafter, there are scenes of worldly gardens here but there are the beautiful and wonderful scenes of heavenly gardens in the hereafter; in the world, there is the pleasure of eating food, drinking water, etc. and then showing happiness through facial expressions but, in the hereafter, there is the enjoyment of everlasting and never-ending pleasant favours of Paradise that brings a glow and radiance on faces, here in the world,there is intoxicating, impure, smelly and adulterated wine but, in Paradise, there is neat, clean, attractive, refined, unadulterated and pure wine full of flavor and pleasure, in the world, women are beautiful but they are mortal, disloyal and selfish but, maidens in Paradise are loyal, immortal and amazingly beautiful.

Above all, Heaven-dwellers will be blessed with beholding the Gracious Lord. Make comparison in this way again and again and recite what Almighty Allah has said 'and for this, let those aspire, who are aspires'.(Part 30, Surah Al-Mutaffifeen, Ayah 26) Doing this practice a few times will gradually take away greed for the world from the heart.

There is also a practical cure for greed. If one feels that he is being driven by greed on an inappropriate occasion and without any purpose, one should not fulfil the desire that is based on this greed. For example :

1) If a person already possesses enough wealth that can fulfill his needs and he is already enjoying proper living standards but still his heart is greedy for more wealth, he should not fulfil this desire.

2) Similarly, if someone has already eaten food in a sufficient quantity but his Nafs longs for eating more food just for pleasure, he should refrain keep from fulfilling this desire.

3) If someone is always dreaming of luxury vehicles, pleasures, outings and excursions, he should turn his thoughts towards good things.

4) On a daily basis, he should give up at least one such thing that is related to greed so that his Nafs gets used to getting rid of greed.