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Current Obsession: Bill Hader

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I've been obsessed with Bill Hader for a long time. He was one of my favorite cast members on Saturday Night Live and brought the timeless character Stefon to life. Recently, he's been making news again as IT Chapter Two cast members were sent on press tours and the movie itself was released.

Hader began getting attention for his reaction pictures to seeing Bill Skarsgård do a signature Pennywise eye trick (spoiler alert: it freaked him out).

 ( source: The Image Direct via Popsugar )

The Image Direct via Popsugar
 ( source: The Image Direct via Popsugar )

The Image Direct via Popsugar

It was also quickly noted how bored Hader looked during these press tours, and the Internet certainly did not disappoint when looking to share the discovery.

chan on Twitter

“bill hader looking bored during It chapter two interviews”

Of course, this also led me to start watching the HBO show Barry. I'm a bit late to the party on this one, seeing that season one premiered in March of 2018, but it's a hauntingly dark comedy about an ex-marine turned hitman who decides to pursue a career in acting. Overall, Bill Hader is taking over my life at the moment, and hopefully this was the outlet I needed to start focusing on my reality again!

 ( source: via HBO )

via HBO