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Custom Officials Catch South America Shipping Cocaine-Coated Cornflakes To Hong Kong

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Federal agents announced a statement on Friday that they have seized frosted cereal in Cincinnati as the corn flakes were immersed in cocaine.


A narcotic detector dog that goes by the name “Bico” was scrutinizing all the incoming consignments from Peru, when he brought the attention of the officials to the cocaine-covered corn flakes on the 13th of February.

A release from the agency elaborates that the shipment of the drug-cereal originated from South America.

The shipment consisted of 44 pounds of cocaine covered cereal with an estimated cost of $2.82 million was heading towards a private residence in Hong Kong.


Alert on the Bico’s call, the officials searched the shipment and discovered corn flakes that were covered in “grayish substance”, along with white powder.

Richard Gillespie, Cincinnati port director, asserted that smugglers will hide narcotics in anything that is tangible and imaginable and how the agents need to utilize their “training, intuition and strategic skills” to stay ahead and catch them.

Furthermore he said that:

“The men and women at the Port of Cincinnati are committed to stopping the flow of dangerous drugs, and they continue to use their training, intuition, and strategic skills to prevent these kinds of illegitimate shipments from reaching the public,”

The regular screening of the international passengers is done by the Customs and Border Patrol agents, who search the cargo for all the illegal products such as narcotics, ammunitions and many more.