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Cute Birthday Wishes to Bless Son on His Happy Birthday

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A son for his parents is no less than the ‘Sun’. During childhood, he sprinkles glitter in the house with the endearing and charming smile. When a son grows up, he shine the name of the entire family with his achievements, laurels, and praising from others. For every parent, watching their son growing into a dynamic and respectable gentleman give outrageous happiness to parents. No matter how successful and old a son becomes, he will always be that little and mushy kid for the parents.

However, unlike kids, parents feel hesitation to express their innermost feelings to their kids because of some or other reasons. However, it’s high time for all the parents to get out that situation and express freely their emotions freely because we have solved their problems. On your adorable son’s birthday, utilize the opportunity to the fullest and show him how colossally you love by sending heartfelt birthday wishes for son on his birthday. Our towering compilation of cute birthday greetings for son are apt for both father and mother to pick up their wishes separately and send to their wonderful son.

  • May you whatever be. You forever for us a gift from God whose smile matters for us and will. May you have growth wherever you go. Wishing happy birthday son!
  • May you respect and get respected. May you speak well and get treated well. May you honor and get honored well. May you always have your dignity. May you never lose it. Lots of wishes, blessings and love. Happy birthday son!
  • May you be like an eagle and a dove too. May you have the vastness like an ocean. May you have the openness like infinite clouds. Wishing loveliest birthday dear son!
  • May you never betray and never get betrayed. May God always listen to you whenever you pray. Blessings and happy birthday loveliest son!
  • May you become dedicated and loyal to who you are. May you never cheat yourself. May you get known by your work. May you shine like the sun. Happy birthday son!
  • May you forever have positivity in your life. May pessimism never touch you. From the bottom of my heart wishing happy birthday son!
  • I wish for you all the blessings and all the boons of life. Happy birthday our son. May you live long, healthy and wealthy.
  • When you were a small kid, you used to comb your hairs a lot. We thought you would become a model or some actor. Today you are a successful actor. May you forever by a strong-will man. Wishing happy birthday son!
  • May your life journey be full of amazing surprises. Happy birthday dearest son. Always keep faith in yourself.
  • May you have these two virtues in your life in-born- belief in yourself and faith in God. Wishing happiest birthday son!
  • May you grow our culture and grow in it too. May your glory spread in all four directions. Tons of happy birthday wishes for son!
  • Loads of birthday wishes for son. May you every time have abundance of everything and lackness of nothing.
  • May you have faith in your religion and be abide by it. May you follow the path God has shown you. May you listen to your heart always. Wishing happy birthday son!
  • May you achieve what sages and saints have achieved. May you become extraordinary. Loveliest birthday wishes for son. Happy birthday!
  • May nothingness never disturb you. May everything never greed you. May you never have over-confidence. May you listen to your parents. Loveliest birthday wishes for son!
  • May you help others. May you have compassionate and kind heart. All the love to you and happiest birthday son!

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