Cyber Monday: Dear Stores, Please Get Smarter and Stop Annoying Email Marketing!

Brookline, MA Brookline

Here comes the Cyber Deal Week! Hooray! Basically I am the kind of person who is not willing to go to physical stores on Black Friday, so Cyber Monday is one of my favorite events, seriously. But recently I found some failed promoting examples.

Email marketing is essential to many online stores, and I do like some stores that are good at taking advantages of it, successfully persuading potential customers to place orders. But there’re also a bunch of stores that fail to give their customers good impressions. For example, one of my friends receives promoting emails from the same store three to four times a day, and when she gets extremely annoyed and finally decides to click the website, she finds out the discount is only $1 off.

So online stores please get smart! First, double check that your email listing is updated. Second, make sure your discount is huge enough to send out your promoting emails. Third, try Gmail Ad. The third suggestion is just my own preference, but I like it because it’s easier to read, and it makes advertised emails more organized and cleaner in customers’ inbox. And a quick reminder for customers, please disable your adblock or you can never see the content of this kind of emails.

Do you have any experiences related to online stores’ promoting emails? Feel free to comment below to share with us!


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