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"Look at yourself! You're fat! Your life is falling apart! How old are you? You've lost control of everything in your life!"

These were the words that started my journey towards reassessing myself and realising that this high (as a kite), random stranger (yes a person I have never met before in my life), hit me right where it hurts...with the truth.

You might be thinking, "jeez, that is harsh" and you're right. It stung like a wasp had a field day from top to toe. It didn't make the words less true.

Often the truth is what offends us and angers us most. Why? The answer is simple: we don't like to hear the truth about our mistakes, failures or shortcomings. We'd rather repeat the mantra, "I don't know what you're talking about."

This was my exact reaction to what this guy said to me. I knew it was true, but he was high, so none of what he said was true. That was my stance until I heard a follow up to this incident in less than a week after it took place.

Another guy, this time a person familiar to me, made a statement. He said, "They say the body you have when you're 30 years old, is the body you keep." At that point, I felt like, "Yes universe, I've heard you loud and clear!"

That was the combined defining moment that started my journey towards a holistically healthy me. That meant a shift in mindset.

If you thought this was a 'how to lose weight' post, I'm sorry to disappoint. There are millions of ways to lose weight and each person's body will respond differently to different methods.

I can say there is no easy way, it takes sacrifice, something that is worth it always does. This post isn't about methods, it is about mindset approaching your goals.

You have to have a moment. That moment you know goes either left or right, no middle. Each with its own unique consequences, or pros and cons, whichever way you'd like to view it.

I hope when that moment comes you as the reader makes a positive decision for your life, taking into consideration how your current lifestyle affects those around you and how your new journey will affect your loved ones going forward.

Some of us, like me, need someone to change for, in my case my family. Other people have that ability to change for themselves. Positive change is the key factor, the motivation, therefore, might differ as long as the purity of the purpose remains intact.

In summary, each change in our lives, positive or negative, will always be preceded by a pivotal moment. When a positive decision is made know it will require sacrifice. Don't expect it to come easy, as previously stated, nothing worth having ever does. Then finally, keep at it, even when the difficult times come, notice I said when and not if because however you approach positive change for yourself and those around you, you will encounter 'hell and back' face to face.

Good luck on your journey towards your own positive change experience. I do hope your pivotal moment is less harsh than mine though.

Written by Dwain Donovan Stewart