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Probably 1 serious being doubted reason i don't receive likes or reactions especially gifts from worldwide humans users here is i post frequent notes on books n boring lecture. My writing usually consist phrases or poetic sentences bout being nerd n getting high scores. They know i write as achiever or motivational writer almost like talker or confronting u with bookworm habit of inspiration. Started to realise they don't want my style of too mundane cause books alone n intelligence isn't what u need. U need fresh topics bout fun exciting adventures, sweet aromatic perfumes advertisements, talent shows cast, moon's exploration or failed fashion with sparkling designs. 

Too late n bad I'm no good writing those shxxs. Can only induce or introduce u to my side story on feelings, random pick of words, lessons of how to be successful learner n sorts of complaints bout lousy apps' developers which unable to make money earned cause apps ain't finer than social media. This place is more towards for guys to find out new science but not find oneself on dreams n ultimate desires. But mostly when thinking bout what u want to b it'L lead to having your future predicted n mind reads to know what destiny is for u.


     I won't want to know my future cause with a date presented to me i'L definitely on that day change some order in my actions n choices making psychic didn't get it right. Too knowledgeable me. Different situations happen too cause i dont feel like doing according to prediction previously. Made me jump on cliff n head to another route so i escape another reality which's supposed to occur, one time. 

     Me now is stressed not mentally or spiritually but wholeheartedly in my motive n doings of usual tasks. Such as i been reading so many words, learning so many spain taught language vocabulary i feel I'm always spinning with words trying to make me feel it's way hardest than expected when learning. Should i give up some exercise or do an activity which's less workload? Second thoughts please,


     Feeding my brain too many sleepless nights endeavour of book reading, app reading everything reading. Cause i want get A+ n not flying colours. Passing is not my end of road but pot of straight A's. Exams my foot not now just after i done with languages in summary n most cases words. Sure i'L kick other students ass by making myself get em questions correct!