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Daughter's DNA Test Finds NJ Mom Was Secretly Impregnated By Doctor During IVF

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A lawsuit alleges a doctor used his own sperm in a woman's IVF treatment in 1983 without consent.

Roberta Voss got a 23andMe DNA kit to learn more about herself but instead discovered that her biological father is a retired doctor who used his own sperm in her mother's fertility treatment without consent, a lawsuit filed in New York on Tuesday alleged.

When a 30-year-old Voss took the test, she found out that Dr. Martin D. Greenberg, who used to run a fertility practice in Manhattan, had used his sperm in an IVF procedure non-consensually, therefore becoming Voss’ father. Upon researching Greenberg's whereabouts, Voss found out that he was very much alive and living near Miami. She immediately called upon a press conference, discussing her charges against the said doctor.

"I was shocked, and I was disgusted," she said. "The worst part was when I saw the doctor's face and I recognized myself. I see his face every time I look in the mirror."

Voss’s mother, Bianca was also in deep shock when she found out that Greenberg was the father of her child. She'd sought IVF when living on Manhattan's Upper West Side in 1983 because she wanted to be a mother and her partner had undergone a vasectomy. After doing some research, she said she settled on Greenberg as her physician and paid him $100 to procure sperm from an anonymous donor.

"How terrible this is for Roberta and for my grandson," Bianca said she thought. "I hate they have to live with the fact that their biological father and grandfather is a medical rapist."

Bianca, who's now in her 70s and lives in New Jersey, said she filed the lawsuit to hold Greenberg accountable and help prevent the same thing from happening to other families.