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Debris Reportedly Found From Missing Boeing Plane Carrying 62 Passengers From Indonesia

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The Sriwijaya Air Indonesian jet went missing after taking off from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta around 1:56 pm local time. And now debris has reportedly been found from the flight off Jakarta coast.

The passenger jet supposedly carrying 56 passengers and six crew members lost control with the air control authorities at about 2:04 pm as it ventured towards the capital of West Kalimantan province, Pontianak, on the Borneo island.

Indonesian Transportation Minister Adita Irawati reported that “The missing plane is currently under investigation and under coordination with the National Search and Rescue Agency and the National Transportation Safety Committee.”

After four minutes of departure, the plan seemed to have disruptions as it lost about 10,000 ft within one minute. According to FlightRadar, The Boeing 737-500 last recorded altitude was 250 ft when signals were lost at the control center.

Now it appears that debris has been found from the flight of the Jakarta coast. Search teams have discovered some plane debris and were still working on determining the exact coordinates where the plane crashed, officials said.

Earlier some local fishermen also confirmed about the plane exploding and leaving debris. They said to the local news that they experienced a possible explosion and spotted metal objects on the Thousand Islands. A local of the island, named Surachman, reported that after hearing a noisy disruption, they found bits and pieces of cables, hair, jeans, Seats, and pockets as they ventured into the sea to know about the consequences of the fiery disruption. Since jets like the Boeing 737-500 have to fly above the Java sea if they are en route to Pontianak, fishermen, and locals can easily spot the flights above them. 

The missing Sriwijaya Air flight is about 26 years old and the Boeing 737 has also been associated with several crashes in the past.

Source: ABC News