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December NO SUGAR Challenge!

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Hey folks!

You read that right!
I’m up for a REAL challenge this December, I’m going with NO SUGAR! Whoooot!

I am formally inviting you to join me!!

Here are the rules:

•No granulated sugar at all, not on its own, not in baked goods (this means brown sugar, golden sugar, cane sugar, these are used in cake, pies, store bought sweets, marshmallows etc..)
•Honesty is best, this is a personal challenge, no one expects you to be perfect, and failure can be a great thing because of rule three, as follows;
•Any time you cheat, you have to donate a sum of money to a local rescue or favourite charitable organization! I said $10 per cheat for myself, which is somewhat high, but I plan to really kick the habit this month!! You can give whatever makes sense for you. A dollar in a jar each time would work too!

I’ve been reducing sugar for years, and I’ve been sugar free before, but I’ve been drinking a lot more tea these days and using granulated organic cane sugar.
It’s time to get back to drinking my green tea plain, just how it is 🌱💚

I 100% DO NOT recommend “sugar substitutes” that use chemicals such as aspartame. These are toxic and defeat the entire point of this idea, which is to get healthier.
Fruit and sugar that is naturally occurring in vegetables is fine, as long as you’re not say, eating a whole bag of apples in a day..
I sometimes use raw stevia leaves to sweeten, or dates, personally I don’t have a problem with using these things, but it will be at a minimum for December. You’ll have to decide what kind of sugars are acceptable for you, (honey, monkfruit, coconut etc are kind of arguable, some sugar free diets include these, some don’t), and of course if you have blood sugar issues be careful and check with your doctor!

Let’s kick this nasty substance out of our lives! Let’s feel absolutely AMAZING in January instead of my usual; fat, tired and unhappy.

Granulated sugar is NOT NEEDED in anyone’s rounded healthy diet. It harms all systems of your body. Not worth it at all!

I’m getting back into daily yoga, daily meditation, healthy diet and getting outside in the sun whenever it happens to shine!

I have a very dear friend who has taken me up on this challenge, so now that I have a bud to keep me honest, I’m getting super excited to deprive myself of something that has a terrible hold over me!
Sugar addiction is real, and having quit so many things in my life, including several highly addictive things, I can tell you it’s right up there.
Can’t wait for this!!

Who else is with me?!? ❤️

I honestly didn’t think I was gonna get through November’s challenge this year 😂

Post a comment, add me on Instagram or whatever (the link tree at the bottom has it all) and let me know if you’re doing this DECEMBER NO SUGAR CHALLENGE with me! The more the merrier!

Oh, and one final last rule, no flipping out at people because you want your sweets so bad. 😂
That’s not cool.

Take care everyone! Wish me luck, and join me if you’re willing! ❤️



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