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Demi Lovato Defends Her Anti-Trump Song "Commander In Chief," Telling Off Haters

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After releasing her new political single "Commander in Chief" on Tuesday, singer Demi Lovato has been receiving major backlash over the anti-Trump lyrics. She was criticized by some fans for bashing Donald Trumps's ways. With the upcoming election contextually overarching the entertainment industry, it sparked major controversy. 

Some fans were sending her messages and comments saying that they were "ashamed" to be Lovatics now due to the song. "I hope you realize this makes people that don't have the same political views feel like they can't listen to you anymore," said someone in her comment section, receiving over 190 likes on the comment. 

She responded to the haters saying that she isn't just an entertainer and is entitled to her own opinion. "I literally don't care if this ruins my career," she said she said on her instagram page. 

Some of the controversial lyrics include her singing "Commander in Chief, honestly / If I did the things you do, I couldn't sleep" and But you can't get enough of shutting down systems for personal gain / Fighting fires with flayers and praying for rain / Do you get off on pain? / We're not pawns in your game."