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DeMoN Banned by Valve and Beyond The Summit From Competing in Dota 2 For Sexual Misconduct

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Top Dota 2 competitor Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho has been banned from future competitions for his conduct at previous tournaments. This comes after allegations of DeMoN's sexual misconduct were brought forth to the public in June of 2020.

Part of these previous allegations came from former employee Eliene Sun on Twitter. “He pulled me into a space which I recall being small, fairly dark, and secluded with a door just next to us–possibly a fire escape or area by the bathrooms,” Sun said in a Twitlonger post. “He had me enter this area with him, put his right arm on the door holding it closed, and told me to kiss him. When I dismissed it as usual and went to open the door to leave, he shoved the door back closed and pleaded again for me to kiss him.”

Jimmy commented on the announced ban today on Twitter. "Absolutely ridiculous that allegations from anonymous people can ruin your whole reputation and career. I denied ALL of the accusations. A horrible statement does NOT make anyone guilty but that's what it feels like it's constantly leading back to. I will continue to do what I can to clear my name starting off by emailing Valve. I did not commit any "misconduct" the 2 anonymous people claimed that I did."

David Parker, the founder of Beyond the Summit, also commented on the situation. "We received information that was substantiated when we banned DeMoN from BTS events last year.

I understand not everyone has the same access to this information (to protect the anonymity of the victim) but I personally support the ban from Valve events."

The team that DeMoN competed for, Team Aristotle, will still be able to compete within the league. The NA DPC League commented on Twitter, "Team Aristotle can continue to compete in the NA DPC league and will be permitted to register a replacement player." There is no word yet on who will replace DeMoN to compete with the team.