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Denmark's Newest Children's Show Is About A Man With A Huge Penis

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Denmark’s flagship DR Network is facing backlash over its newest presentation, “John Dillermand”, a children’s TV-show about a man with a huge and uncontrollable penis.

All 13 episodes of John Dillermand, which are currently available on DR’s network’s website, follow the titular character in different situations as he uses his inexplicably huge genitalia to rescue children from danger, fight criminals, fetch objects, and walk dogs.

In one particular episode, John finds himself stuck hanging mid-air after balloons are tied to his groin. In another episode, he accidentally breaks his friends’ vase with a penis and then he raises money to pay them back. Even in the title montage, John can be seen flashing his penis as he wards off a lion to keep it away from children.  

Naturally, the TV-show has attracted mixed reactions. Some find it a hilarious and appropriate way to teach children about human anatomy, while some others view the show with seething contempt, launching petitions calling for the show’s cancellation.

Danish politician Morten Messerschmidt, a member of the right-wing Danish People's Party, said children should not be forced to watch a cartoon depiction of an adult man's groin. Several parents have also filed complaints on DR Network’s Facebook page, urging the broadcaster to remove the program.

DR’s spokesperson Sarah Cecilie, however, has defended the program, citing the viewership figures the show has amassed. "Now the great majority here in Denmark are ... making fun of the few critics instead," Cecilie said. "Hundreds of thousands is supporting 'John Dillermand' now. In Denmark, it is now a huge success, and the children are watching it in big numbers."  

DR’s official description of the show suggests that while Dillermand's genitals get him into embarrassing situations, it can be used for good once he embraces that he is different.

Source: DR Network