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Did Jack Cheat On Gab? We Finally Have An Answer

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2020 might have put a halt to the daily activities of millions of individuals around the world but it has not impacted the Youtube culture lately. Following the resurfacing of Shane Dawson’s problematic history, YouTube enthusiasts have gone through another shock, that of the breakup of cult favourites Jack and Gab.

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After not receiving photos of the two YouTubers together, fans speculated about a potential breakup which led to many rumours and stories about the couple. Fans primarily suspected Jack of cheating on his now Ex-girlfriend. But when. after months of silence, Gabriella eventually uploaded a video explaining the breakup, she did not shed any light on a potential third angle.

 ‘I am not currently in a relationship with Jack, and I hate to say it.’ The teary-eyed millennial added ‘I thought I'd be married to him one day. I thought I would have the rest of my life with him. But things change. I'm sorry because I feel like, for some reason, I let you down.’ 

Soon after her emotional video, her second video on the matter received immense support from fans reassuring her of their love for her. One fan wrote ‘What hurts me the most is the fact that she thought we only liked her because she was in a relationship. We love you Gab.’

Jack, too came forward and addressed the cheating matter by calling out on fake screenshots depicting him talking to another girl. In a series of three videos, he commended Gabriella’s caring and hardworking nature and how he’ll always want good for her. 

After Jack and Gab's collective responses to the breakup rumours, it can be easily established that there was no cheating of any sorts. The couple broke up amicably, following a realization that each partner needed to explore its individual standing before they can commit to a relationship. 

Images: YouTube