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Did Marilyn Monroe Have Poor Hygiene?

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Marilyn Monroe was one of the most delightful and impressive big names throughout the entire existence of American mainstream society. Nonetheless, her life was not fabulous, and I'm not discussing the dull powers throughout her life that prompted her passing. 

I'm discussing her cleanliness, which was supposedly so awful that it drove a few of her servants to stop working for her. 

Purportedly, Monroe would much of the time approached her home in ruined garments and had immense heaps of filthy dishes in her room. It was even revealed that when she was full, she would scrape her extra nourishment under her bedsheets, rest on it, and leave it for her servants to tidy up. 

Notwithstanding that, she even had individuals like Clark Gable, decline to date her because of her cleanliness. As per his biographer, David Bret, Monroe was: 

"pompous, grimy, and ate in bed. Like Jean Harlow, she faded all her pubic hair and never wore undies. She experienced what today would be depicted as irritable bowel syndrome. She once in a while washed, dozed naked, and ate a great deal in bed pushing what was left on her plate under the sheets before resting." 

A large portion of this stuff is noise. While I'm certain there is some fact to the gossip, I scarcely accept that she was as large of a lazy pig as she is described. 

My theory is that her repulsive sterile propensities, on the off chance that they existed, likely came to fruition as a way of dealing with stress for her nervousness and gloom.

So, that being said, let us not reframe from remembering that Marilyn Monroe was in every way as beautiful as she looked.