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Disney+ Suffering from Technical Issues on Launch Day

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Today is the day, folks! Disney+ is live on the internet for your browsing and watching pleasure. Well, at least it should be.

The only problem is the streaming service is experiencing some technical difficulties within the first hours of launch. There have been login issues, loading errors, and play back problems abound, but that's to be expected. As of now, the search, watch-list, movies, and series tabs are all working just fine. The exceptions lie with the home screen and originals tabs which appear to be experiencing the loading errors. With a launch this massive, fans having signed up even a year ago in preparation for this day, it's only to be assumed that the servers can't handle what is sure to be millions of people trying to login at once. 

As of right now, the new streaming service is boasting a lot of their back-list titles and old favorites, but not just. Quite a few new features are popping up in the mix, and will only grow exponentially as they begin to release the other original series and films we have heard about over the last couple of years. The highlighted feature everyone's gearing up for already is the Star Wars based original show The Mandalorian. This is the first every live action Star Wars TV series, and it's a pretty big deal. Yet, fans were disappointed to find out they can't, in fact, binge the whole series at once as the show is being released serially as it would if it were on cable TV or much like Hulu does with a lot of their original shows.

There's no guarantee it will stay this way. Now that Disney+ is in the mix of highly used streaming services, they have to keep up with the changing demand of viewers and how they want to view their content. 

But let's be real. This is Disney we're talking about, and the nostalgia factor alone will draw in users from around the world no matter how the streaming service conducts it's launches, show runs, and more.So you might as well call in sick from work tomorrow, pop a bowl of popcorn, kick up your feet, and get watching because even if you don't want to watch everything, you'll want to watch a lot and there's only so much time in the day. 

Image owned by Disney from Disney+ streaming service.