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Dispute over loud music leads to shooting of Oregon teen

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In Ashland, Oregon; in front of the Stratford Inn, a Black teenager was shot by a 47-year-old man over a dispute about loud music. Aidan Ellison was only 19, he was staying at the hotel with his friend Sara Jones and her cousin. When he couldn’t sleep Jones gave him the keys to her car so he could go listen to music. Around 4:50 AM Sara heard a knock on her door, police were there asking if the young man was staying with them, “I said, ‘Yes, that would be Aidan,’” Said Sara, “They asked me if I knew where he was. I said, ‘Yes, I’ll take you to him, he’s in my car’ They said he wasn’t in trouble. He was possibly shot and it was a matter of life or death and they needed to find him.”

Jones followed to police downstairs and saw Ellison’s body near some bushes with paramedics attending to him. A statement released by police said that the paramedics tried to render aid on the scene but it was too late and Ellison had died. Ashland Police Chief Tighe O’Meara stated, “Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done.”

O’Meara said they got a call around 4:30 AM from the hotel front desk clerk. The clerk had heard the fight going on and tried to break it up. He went back inside to call the police and according to Jones, that is when the suspect, Robert Paul Keegan, shot Ellison in the chest. O’Meara spoke to the situation stating, “I would encourage people to let us handle disputes and not to go out and get into arguments with people unnecessarily.”

Keegan was arrested on the scene almost immediately. He was unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm and a police statement reported he pulled the gun from his coat “and fired a single shot, striking the victim in the chest.” As of Monday, November 30th , Keegan is still in jail and is being kept on suspicion of second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter, reckless endangering, and unlawful possession of a firearm. So far Keegan has not hired an attorney.