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Divers Find Huge Ice Age Mammoth Bone In River

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A pair of scuba divers discovered a massive mammoth bone from the Ice Age.

Derek Demeter and Henry Sadler discovered the massive 22kg (50lb) fossil while diving in Peace River, southwest Florida, last week.

In an interview with Fox35, Derek stated: "Henry is my diving partner. 'Hey, Derek,' he called out to me. I discovered something! 'Oh my God!' It was incredibly cool."

The pair believes it's a thigh bone - or femur - from an ice age mammoth, which would date between 2.5 million and 10,000 years ago.

Derek stated: "This one is much denser, so we're guessing it's right in the center. It is most likely 100,000 years old."

But it's difficult to say how old the bone is; the men say it's very well preserved because it was shielded by sand.


Along with the bone, the men discovered bits of a now-extinct shark and the tip of a saber-toothed tiger's tooth - not a bad day out in the end.

Derek, the director of the Seminole State Planetarium, went on to say: "What I like about it is that, like astronomy, it involves time travel. It plays with your imagination, making you wonder, "Wow, what was going on at this time?"

Derek described his discovery on Instagram, writing, "My friend and I discovered this giant Columbia mammoth leg bone this weekend while scuba diving in the Peace River." 

It weighs a lot, but it's a fantastic discovery! "These giants roamed the ancient savannah grasslands of Florida between 2 million and 10,000 years ago."

The friends always go out on the lookout for ancient fossils like this one and have had previous success.

They usually donate everything they find to museums, but this bone will end up in teacher Henry's middle school classroom, where the students will learn more about the ancient world.

"I think I'm going to keep this one in my classroom," he told ABC 7. "It's just such an incredible piece of history, and it gets the kids so excited, and it's just so tangible.