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DJ Khaled Just Released His 'POPSTAR' Music Video And It's So Unexpected

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DJ Khaled just released the music video for his song POPSTAR (feat. Drake) and the video is starring the biggest popstar of them all: Justin Bieber! 

The 8-minute music video opens up with a scene showing rapper Drake dodging calls from DJ Khaled. The DJ finally sends him a series of videos urging him to finally agree to film a music video for the song. The rapper complains to his friend that he just wants to have time for himself to write his next album, but instead is being urged to produce "another one" for DJ Khaled. He finally settles on a solution by calling in a "favor" from someone.

The next scene pans out to Justin Bieber (which was hinted in one of the lyrics of the song "sh*t don't even usually get this big without a Bieber face") in a mansion seemingly the day after a rager at the house. There's people laying everywhere throughout the house and plenty of dancing around by Bieber and his party "guests/dancers." The video features face you might fine familiar like his manager Scooter Braun, wife Hailey Bieber, and others. 

Bieber suddenly wakes up and it is insinuated that this was all a dream and the couple, Justin and Hailey, go out to walk the dog right before receiving a call from Drake. The video ends there and the credits roll. The video harnesses nothing but excitement and unexpected appearances. 

As of September 6th, 3 days after its release, the video garnered over 23 million views on YouTube.