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DnD Meme Dump 6/21/20

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I will never apologize for being a big ol' DnD nerd. But if you guys want to talk shop or start a game, I will drop anything and everything. I'm always down.

Dear gods above and fiends below, is the fate of our world really in the hands of 4-6 ridiculous adventurers who snicker "nice" at the number 69, pet every animal they see, and try to seduce animated fog? The same idiots who robbed the treasury so they could buy a unicorn that turned out to be a horse with an ice cream cone on its forehead? You mean to tell me that the people responsible for the absolutely extraordinary number of half-siblings in the kingdom... are the only ones to save it? Skip the death saving throws and just kill me now.

Nothing wrong with relying on the power of your muscles and distinct lack of intelligence to turn the baddies into puddles of goo. I'm just saying that once 1D4 stops being scary to a wizard, they quickly become the party MVP. But don't worry, they probably still can't score a date in the tavern, so let 'em at the books on the long rests.

Oh man, it's too real. If only time zones and scheduling conflicts didn't kill as many sessions as a tarrasque TPK. Oh well, at least we have the memes, right?