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Do opposites attract each other in relationship matters ?

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Qstn: Do opposites attract each other in relationship matters ?

Ans> No. The concept of " opposites attract " functions for magnets, not for human mind. Yes, opposite body/ gender gets attracted to each other bcz of physical need. But, different mindset, distracts each other and can't stay together. If choices differ, lifestyle differs, culture mismatches, vision towards life becomes different, then people either leave each other or start to compromise to hold the relationship outside that is already dead inside. Nobody likes to sacrifice their own needs or choices after a certain time. In a compromised relationship, when one person dominates , another one becomes victim. If you ask them " are you happy together "? The reply will be " NO". Bcz, they struggle to be together day and night.

On the other side, if things are more common between two people , they can easily interact on common subjects, hold their old habits and liking without any effort. In short, there remains no space for compromising or adjustments as both are the part of a same boat automatically. So do not mix up humans with magnet.