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"Do Your Toes Have A Name?"

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How about your toes, do they each have a name? Do any of them smell or look like Kylie Jenner's toes? Did you know that Kylie Jenner has a name for each of her toes? It's true. Read on...

The last time I recall ever giving any of my bodyparts a name was when I was around three or four years old. No, I don't even think I can remember back that far. However, I don't recall giving each toe a name but I reminisce saying out loud with my mother, "this little toe went to the market, this little toe went we, we."

Nonetheless, it’s never a boring day in the world of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Whenever fans are not being kept entertained with the family’s numerous scandals, there are oftentimes funny social media antics to talk about.

Recently, Kylie Jenner chose to do something lighthearted by naming her toes, and fans are relishing the young star’s taste of humor. Read on below to find out why Jenner did this, and how fans have responded:

Some people on the internet recently took an interest in Kylie Jenner’s toes. Last week, Jenner took to share some photos of her and her sisters on vacation in the Bahamas. In one picture with older sister Kendall, Jenner’s bare feet could be seen. Although the photo did not look anything out of the ordinary, some fans with keen eyes started taking an interest in Jenner’s feet – most notably, the fact that one of her toes is shorter than the rest.

“So nobody went notice her short toe?” one person commented.

“Her toe is jacked up,” another person said.

Kylie Jenner decided to tell her backstory and name her toes.

Jenner could not ignore all the comments about her toes, so she took to story to post a video about her feet.

“Okay so everyone wants to come for my freaking toes… by the way, I have cute ass feet,” Jenner said before talking about her noticeably short toe. “I broke this middle toe in middle school, and there’s nothing you can do for a broken toe, so I just had to let it heal how it wanted to heal.”

Jenner also took things further by naming all ten of her toes: Tess, Teague, Tia, Trix, Toby, Tony, Tahnee, Tasha, Talia, and Tina. She made a point to note that the “big toes are boys,” so they have male names." And I think its Toby who smells a little funny? 

Fans praise Kylie Jenner for her sense of humor

Throughout all this, fans found it great that Jenner was able to laugh along with internet commenters instead of letting their negativity take over her life.

“I’m glad she has a sense of humor about it,” one Reddit user said. Meanwhile, another person commented: “Honestly I feel like Kylie has a great sense of humor but she gets shy or doesn’t express it to the public.”

Regardless, Kylie Jenner has consistently shown that she could have the last laugh. While some people applauded Jenner for having a sense of humor, others speculated she was carrying things too far, particularly when she began attempting to profit off of the meme.

In any case, it’s apparent that Jenner is not one to get irritated when she is at the receiving end of a joke. Rather, she has become a master at shifting people’s attention to something positive for herself.