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Documentary Is Being Made About Man Who Got Drunk And Changed His Name To Celine Dion

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A documentary is being made about a man who legally changed his name to Celine Dion while drunk.

Thomas Dodd, a man from Staffordshire, got very drunk in 2019 and did something very unexpected. The 31-year-old forked out £89 and changed his name to that of his idol. Since then Dodd has made headlines, with friends and strangers calling him ‘Celine’ as he passes by the streets. And now, his life story is gaining additional recognition, as a documentary is being made about him.

As per LADbible, Dodd has inspired a Japanese filmmaker, who has since taken to make a documentary about the strange tale. Speaking to LADbible, Dodd said the company is casting a Japanese actor to play him and taken measurements of his home.

"I was contacted by a TV company based in London who was representing a Japanese documentary maker. It's a documentary based on my story from Christmas eve and the crazy things that have happened since. And the best thing is that I don't even have to be in it.”

"I had to send pictures and measurements of my lounge and they are rebuilding it as a set, and they are hiring a Japanese actor to play my part. I also believe I'm going to have a Japanese mother, which is just brilliant."

He added: "I can't fly out to Japan under current restrictions but there has been a lot of zoom calls.

"The documentary is set to air at the end of June. It's been such a funny process."

Dodd has already made his way to American television. Last December, he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where he was awarded $10,000.