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Does Your Dog Have 'Frito Feet?'

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If you're scratching your head in confusion right now, I don't blame you. The phenomenon known as 'Frito Feet' is equally loved and loathed by dog owners everywhere, and refers to the corn chip smell of a dog's paws. Many owners find it a pleasant scent, and some have concerns about it being a health issue.

It's worth checking with your vet if you're worried about the smell. Usually, the smell is caused by a yeast infection in a dog's foot pads, exacerbated by sweat (yes, dog's DO sweat on the bottom of their feet), and dirt that gets trapped. It's usually not serious, but a good cleaning might rid your pup of their Frito stench if it bothers you too much.

When should you be seriously concerned? Look for signs of infection and inflammation, such as excessive licking, sensitivity, swelling, and redness. But try not to stress too much; dogs lick their paws normally as a hygiene measure, and most dogs are ok with regular cleaning. Some of our dog friends even have naturally corn chip scented feet, and don't require an extra scrub. Just watch your pooch's behavior, and bathe them regularly, and they'll likely be just fine.

Photo: Original. My dog Zazi's Frito foot. Melissa Selleys 2019.