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Dog Toys That Will Save Your House From Being Destroyed

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While they might be the most adorable creatures on earth, dogs also can turn your beautiful, curated house into a nightmare. Here are some dog toys that will keep your house clean and untouched by your dogs that you can easily buy on Amazon: 

These toys are the perfect solution to your dogs chewing on your sofa cushions. Just get them to chew on these instead! If your dog is teething or bored, this is th perfect item to get it off your expensive furniture. 

AMZpets Dog Rope Toys

For only $20, this purchase also come sixth a much that you can conveniently keep your purchase in. This great furry-friemd gift comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can customize it to you or your pet's liking. 

Let us know what your favorite dog toy is in the comments below!

Source: People Magazine