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Donald Trump's Ex-Bodyguard Says He Owes Him $130 For McDonald's

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Donald Trump’s former bodyguard says he owes him $130 for a Mcdonald’s order he paid for in 2008.

Trump’s ex-bodyguard Kevin McKay says the 45th President - before he was the President - asked him to lend $130 of his money for a Mcdonald’s meal. But he never returned the borrowed amount.

Talking with Mail Online, McKay said, "He told me he would pay me back, but he never did,

"For much of the time I was working for him, I kept thinking he would say, 'Kevin, here's that money I owe you,' but it didn't happen. I thought he was an OK guy when I first started working for him, but I guess that as we have all come to see, he is not a man of his word."

McKay says that Trump had allegedly borrowed money from him while on a trip to Scotland. Trump was on his way back from Aberdeen to the USA when he asked McKay to pay for his meal.

McKay explained, "We were driving from Mr. Trump's estate and just as we got to the Bridge of Don, he asked to stop at McDonald's so he could buy food for the flight back to New York.

"We were in a convoy of six blacked out Range Rovers with about 15 men in suits inside, so there must have been some shocked expressions as we pulled up in the carpark."

The bodyguard says that Trump had asked McKay to pay for him after realizing that he did not have any of the local currency there in Scotland. So he asked McKay to pay for him and the 15 other people.

"I said, 'Sure' and took everyone's order - about 20 cheeseburgers and fries with around 10 or 15 Coca Colas.

"I think Mr. Trump ordered two cheeseburgers with fries and a Diet Coke - that was his usual order and he always wanted McDonald's to take with him on the private jet.

"It cost me about £95 in total and Mr. Trump told me, 'you'll get it back.'

"I never heard about it again after that. I should have asked him for the money, but I brushed it under the carpet."