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Donkey Kong Country Is Coming To Nintendo Switch's Online Subscription Service In July

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Donkey Kong Country’s absence in recent Nintendo libraries was highly perceptible and infuriating. But Super Nintendo fans can now rejoice because the blockbuster platformer will soon barrel-roll is way back to Nintendo, which has locked the game to headline its content library this month. Nintendo will add Donkey Kong Country to its Switch Online subscription service library on July 15, along with two other titles The Immortal, Natsume Championship Wrestling which will also debut on the service the same day.  

Donkey Kong Country was originally released on Super Nintendo back in 1994. The side-scroller had enjoyed immense commercial and critical success at the console, it spawned two direct sequels on the platform accompanied by a number of spin-offs. The game’s follow-ups were; likewise, huge hits for Nintendo. And for that reason, Twitter is presuming Donkey Kong Country sequels to also make their way to the Switch Online subscription service in the near future.

Before its availability on Switch, Donkey Kong Country was only playable on the archaic NES and SNES platforms, limiting the game’s accessibility and popularity among new Nintendo audiences. But the recent move has leapt Donkey Kong Country instantly back to fame, making it a top, trending topic on Twitter.

Donkey Kong Country is a product of Rare Limited, an Xbox Game studio. It will be available to download on Switch to players who have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, which is priced at $19.99/ month.