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Don't Destroy Your Dandelions!

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I might grumble and curse the existence of the prolific weed as I pull what feels like the thousandth one out of my garden, but the truth is that they do a tremendous amount of good, as annoying as they may be. The yellow flowered plant turns into a fluffy white ball of potential weeds, which can make any gardener scowl, and at the same time be one of the main reasons we can enjoy gardening in our backyards at all.

A while back, I asked my readers to consider getting rid of their lawns in 2020, in favor of a vegetable, fruit, and herb garden. I absolutely stand by this, and if you don't want the maintenance of a manicured veggie garden, consider letting the dandelions take over. Why? Grass is basically useless as we grow it as turf. It does nothing to feed us, sucks up a ton of water, and fails to prevent erosion or produce a significant amount of oxygen. Dandelions, though? Their deeper roots help with erosion issues (and where I live, that's a big problem if it floods!), they produce more oxygen, and they do in fact feed at least one thing that you as a gardener and member of the human species need to survive:


Honeybees love the nectar that dandelions produce, and pollinate all the other plants that we need to grow the produce that we eat. It's not a secret anymore that bees are a necessary part of the ecosystem, and that without them, our very way of life would be threatened without immediate, massively widespread infrastructure changes. And when the dandelions have seeded and blown away, you can even compost the stems or use the greens in salad, so it feeds the planet at all levels.

So please, keep the dandelions. Ditch the lawn.

Photo: Pixabay

Seriously. Get rid of your lawn: