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Don't Drink & Drive, Get a Discounted Ride!

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I implore my friends and family whenever there's a special event not to drink and drive, and the upcoming New Year celebrations are no exception. It breaks my heart to see so many people reply with "but I drive BETTER when I'm drunk!" Here's the most important news I can bring you: you are not a good driver when you drink. Nobody is. It's illegal to drive while under the influence here in the U.S., anyway, and it's a good idea to arrange transportation before drinking. Of course, it's always good to think about the other people on the road who could be hurt or even killed by a drunk driver. So listen up, because I'm going to teach you how to use ridesharing to spend less on a safe ride home.

You might be able to get a free ride in the right circumstances, but not every area (like mine, for instance), has that kind of deal for New Year's Eve. AAA does their Holiday Safe Ride program every year, but it varies by state when it is available. Check your area's local cabs, Lyft, and Uber deals, as well as AAA, to see if you can ride home completely free of charge.

Sometimes, you can find discount codes on sites like RetailMeNot. These are usually good for a few bucks off a ride if you're not new to ridesharing. If you've never used services like Uber and Lyft before, there are usually great deals like 50% for new users. Make sure to check for promo codes!

The best way to save money ridesharing is to avoid surge pricing. Surge pricing is what happens when a lot of users are expected to use the service at once. It's a supply and demand model: when demand for rides increases, prices increase, and vice versa. So, you want to plan your ride outside of "peak times." For New Year's, try to make plans to stay overnight at your destination, and get there before peak times. When you go home, check to see if you're outside current peak times in your area. Apps like SurgeApp help pinpoint the right time to make your order. During surge pricing, you might pay hundreds of percent more than you would on non-peak times, so it's worth it to check!

Stay safe, drink responsibly, make a plan before the day, and enjoy the savings!

Photo: Pixabay.