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Don't Feed Your Wedding Guests a Meal

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I can hear the clutching of pearls from here. "How DARE you suggest that we not feed our guests! Are we not good hosts?" Obviously, you have to feed your guests something. But should it be a full meal? You might have looked at the meal plans for your wedding venue, and your crying wallet screamed "no!" So what could you feed them instead? Here are a few alternative ideas to feed a hungry wedding crowd.

1. App Bar

There are a lot of popular ones, but from popcorn to doughnuts, from chips to sliders, cannolis to street tacos, choosing the appetizers for your bar can be tricky. For small events, use just a few appetizers, or go big and choose more to vary the food for your guests. I recommend thinking about the time of day that your reception will take place, and working that into your apps. Morning wedding? Doughnuts and coffee might be a good choice. Celebrating in the evening? A hearty build your own slider option satisfies all.

2. Just Desserts

Skip the meal and go right for the good stuff! Like an app bar, these are fully customizable to your theme and preferences. You can choose a few desserts ranging on different points on the sweet to savory scale, and save yourself some dough for the honeymoon (or that dream dress!)

3. Potluck

Don't be afraid to crowdsource your catering! Ask guests to bring food instead of a gift, and save a bundle on the vittles. You can also ask guests to bring a specific dish to avoid duplicates and match your needs for the group. Just remember to have your guests cook for a large group; it's tough feeding a ton of people as you (and every caterer) know!