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Don't Invest In CoinBase?

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Don't invest in Coinbase? Are you serious? Listen, if you can't trust the most trusted and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world today, who can you trust?

Over time, Coinbase has proved their trustworthiness and stability to survive never having in major issues. Their survival strategies for security and keeping traders safe on board is unprecedented. So why all the fuss? Skeptics complain about how long it takes Coinbase to return the goods to you, once you are locked in. They also complain about fees and locked trading prices when trading. Really? Give me a break. Then do your greedy trading somewhere else. Greed is what's at the heart of these members who complain. Frankly, I believe in the adage: "I would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six."In other words, your ship is guaranteed to sink with any other platform. And the only thing left afterward is the funeral.

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