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Don't Invite Snoop Dogg to a PG Event

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Photo of Snoop Dogg from another one of his performances in Time Magazine article. ( source: via Getty Images. )

Photo of Snoop Dogg from another one of his performances in Time Magazine article.

via Getty Images.

So, The University of Kansas invited Snoop Dogg out for their annual kick-off basketball game over the weekend. School officials and the athletic director thought they were doing a cool thing for the students, but were taken aback when his show was less than family friendly. I'm sorry, but we are talking about Snoop Dogg right? Apparently, the school tried to take extra precautions with communication when booking the rapper by requesting a clean version of the show and scheduling him to play after the basketball game so anyone not wishing to watch his show wouldn't miss any of the event they originally attended for. Even with all these efforts Snoop still managed to show up with pole dancers, a money gun, and dropped a few not-so-family-friendly words in his performance.

It's funny that they had to issue an apology considering most college kids probably weren't too bothered by it, but I'm guessing any family members and particularly sensitive faculty who believe college students are still children probably weren't too thrilled. I think it's kind of hilarious because honestly, who would expect Snoop to tame himself for any event no matter the time or place?

Check out this TIME article (yes so outrageous, even TIME wrote about it) for more details and official statements from the school.

University of Kansas Apologizes for Explicit Snoop Dogg Performance at Basketball Season Kickoff Event

The performance included explicit language, poll dancing and fake money

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