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Drag Queen Legend RuPaul to Host SNL for the First Time

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Hosting Saturday Night Live is considered a prestigious honor for anyone lucky enough to do so. Whether they’re a comedian, a musician, a singer, or a professional athlete, all guest hosts consider being asked to be on the show a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when it’s the celebrities first time hosting, and when that celebrity represents more than just themselves.

It was announced just yesterday that the legendary Queen of the Drag Queen’s, RuPaul, would be hosting the show the second weekend in February. SNL has always been more progressive than a lot of other shows, especially for a show on NBC. But having RuPaul host, a man who represents the black, LGBTQ+, and drag queen communities all in one is so important.

RuPaul has been working hard at his career for a few decades now, but he still considers this honor a career high for him. Although he has appeared on SNL once before for a sketch in 1993 with Charles Barkley guest hosting, there’s nothing quite like taking the stage, getting your opening monologue, and bringing to the table a full night of sketches. If his comedy performing is anywhere close to his performing abilities in drag, it’s sure to be a good show.

Image owned by RuPaul and VH1.