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Drunk Indian Buffaloes Exposed Hidden Stash Of Contraband Liquor And Got Three Farmers Arrested

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A herd of drunken buffaloes exposed the cover of an illegal liquor stash in India after they got tipsy from drinking water from a trough that hid the moonshine bottles.

Police seized a total of 101 bottles of liquor from the buffaloes' stable in a village in the dry state of Gujarat. 3 farmers were arrested for illegally selling alcohol, and they are now pending trial at a local court.

According to the Times of India, the farmers called a vet when the buffaloes stopped eating and started frothing at the mouth. The next day, the buffaloes began jumping around willy-nilly and continued frothing, prompting the farmers to call another vet.

The second vet noticed that the through reeked of a certain substance. When he asked the farmers about it they told him that branches fell from the trees into the through, giving it a weird color. But the vet informed authorities after leaving the stable, who then raided the spot.

When the cops raided the stable, they found bottles of vodka, whiskey, and other liquor worth around $430 tucked inside the trough and under some fodder.

"The animals probably drank the water laced with liquor from the damaged liquor bottles," said the police told The Times, adding that the buffaloes have since recovered from their drunken ordeal.