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Dunkin' to Close 450 Locations for Sake of Future Expansion

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This may not be huge news globally, or even nationally necessarily, but this plays to my New England culture and identity that I feel it needs to be spread.

Dunkin’ Donuts (or now as they’ve been rebranded, just Dunkin') is set to close 450 locations on the East Coast. But all is not as bleak as it seems for us Americans who do, indeed, “Run on Dunkin’.” The locations that are closing are primarily in Speedway gas station convenience stores simply because they’re not as lucrative for business as the other stand-alone locations.

Despite it seeming like your favorite Dunks location is just disappearing, CFO Kate Japson promises that this is all with the intent to better position themselves to serve Dunkin’ customers in the coming years and broaden their menu options. The expanding menu being one of the main reasons why they franchise dropped “Donuts” from the name, as they are trying to brand more toward being a coffee chain with a wide variety of other treat and breakfast food options.

Dunkin’ is a staple to any New Englanders life, and any one of them would tell you so. Even those who say they prefer Starbucks or local coffee shop coffee are guilty of picking up a quick Dunks every now and again, and you won’t see them complaining one bit.

Check out original article here!

Image from TwinsFisch on Unsplash.

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