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Earth and life

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As I read the newspaper in the morning like every day, I found an information. And that information reminded me of the vast circle. Among the various species of nature's creation, such as insects, animals, birds, humans all have some or the other quality. Even those who do evil have some virtues. Just need to wake it up. As soon as he wakes up, he appears, and then another acquaintance brings him. This huge circle was entitled to exactly the same quality.

The father died soon after the birth of the giant. So the mother was the only hope. I had the opportunity to study in the primary school of Bishal Para. He did not enter high school anymore. Bigha is the crop of a few lands to say their livelihood. Yet it is cultivated by people. He stays with the course. Their demand is also low. So life was going to end somehow. But his mother became a big obstacle.

The mother suddenly became a paralytic and went to bed. In other words, it was not possible to get proper treatment. So he had to do service, care, medicine, cooking, farming, when he was fifty-five years old, his mother died. That is why he did not get married and start a family. Moreover, at that age he did not wake up. But still very lonely. So after housework, talking to peers, and sometimes playing twenty-two cards in the afternoon, but still not spending time.

One day in the market, while passing by the panchayat office, a large cloth was inscribed in large letters, "A tree is a soul" and a picture of a tree next to it. He has traveled through here before, but has not been seen. Maybe planted new. However, he was very attracted to this article. He wanted to know more about this article.

He is a farmer. In rural life, plants are associated with the fields, so he knows that trees give flowers, bear fruit, birds nest, and in the summer they can relax in the shade of trees. Green gives him a lot of satisfaction. He also earns some money.

But there is more to know than that. So he was thinking about it for a few days. Realizing the opportunity, one day he wanted to meet the head of the region. He knows that many kinds of people, for example, some are naughty, some are good, some are housewives, some are uneducated, some are laborers, some are members of the society, some are ordinary middle class people, some are good through voting. Pradhan was very educated, he was a fastboy in high school, he passed M.A. He was a scholar. It was good to hear him speak during the election.

There were many people in the panchayat office that day. After a long wait, the crowd subsided, standing in front of the huge chief, asking if I had a word to say, if given a chance. All right, tell me. Vishal said, "I saw a large inscription on a cloth outside, 'A tree is a soul'. If you explain this matter a little better."

The chief was a little surprised, looked at the giant, thought, here in general, various debts, dues, problems, quarrels, meetings, accounts, police, it takes time to do all these things. But he could not have imagined that a common man could ask such a question. So when the chief asked him to sit down, the giant sat down on a branch. There were a couple more people in the office then.

He said he was glad to hear your question. In fact, we humans are polluting the earth in various ways at every moment. Dust, smoke, lack of cleanliness, polluting river ponds, smoking cigarettes, bidis, gutkha, more bad drugs, spreading plastics, the world is becoming so polluted that new diseases are spreading among people, to get rid of them. For, in order to keep the body healthy, we all need to be aware. We will discuss these in the neighborhood soon.

Scientists are doing a lot for the betterment of the country. To save crops, improved organic fertilizers, water machines, factory equipment, life-saving medicines, much more, which none of us can do without science. One such scientist of our country was Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. He said, the tree also has life. The pollution that carbon dioxide is emitting is what we're talking about, the plants are taking in, but when the plants are releasing oxygen, we're taking in and we're surviving. How many medicines are being made from this tree.

We have also learned that if this world survives, then all our people, animals, and beasts will survive. And for that, you just have to decorate the world with trees. Just green and green. That is why an advertisement festoon has been put up. "A tree is a life". In the coming monsoon, through the panchayat, there are plans to plant trees in this area, you will also take part. And take as many trees as you need.

Vishal thought, let's get a real education. He knows that the rain is still a little late. But Seto planted trees on his land. But trees are for everyone. So from now on he will plant trees in other people's lands. Thus, in the forest, in the garden, in the weeds, some small trees can be seen. Such as neem, mango, jackfruit, blackberry, tamarind, almond, bot, ashwattha, more unnamed trees are found. Finding those trees, they started planting them in the right places. He cut his own bamboo twigs and began to make a round fence. Many times cows, goats, trees can eat. And everyone who plants a tree in front of their house, folds their hands and asks them to water the tree from time to time.

Then in the rainy season through the panchayat, together with many others, shawls, teak, all the more expensive trees, he does not know their names, became a big festival of planting trees properly. The whole monsoon was cut off like this. But in his life planting trees became an addiction. He used to plant trees wherever there was an opportunity. He has been planting trees for fifteen years now. It's okay to go too far now because of age. But still planting trees.

But planting trees also does another job. Many a time he would look at the market stalls, hang advertisements on big tree trunks, on fiber or on plastic cloth, by nailing them. Even if someone sees him, he explains to him, don't nail the tree like this.

Artists, writers, poets, singers, scientists, social workers, knowledgeable personalities from all over the world have taken the country forward through their pursuits. But he has become a big social worker in another pursuit, so he knows for himself! When someone calls him a social worker, he just smiles, and says he is born a human being, how many people do great deeds, when I plant trees, when those trees Growing up, I enjoyed seeing his growing green youth. I don't understand anything else.

But those who understand, know that it is a great work. In this dying corona, millions of people are getting lost. To protect against corona, how much awareness, masks, sanitizers, soaps, distance maintenance, and the services of policemen, health workers, doctors, many more people are currently the most urgent. In the meanwhile, to save one's life, one has to live in solitary confinement, and in solitary confinement one has to starve to death. When will the vaccine be available?

And this information was found in the newspaper, then, in order to save people all over the world, it is necessary to vaccinate or vaccinate. And that can only be found if five target sharks are killed. But would it be reasonable to kill so many sharks? The organization that wants to protect the shark has also shown an alternative path. To free people from corona is to make a tree a soul, and so the goal is to plant more and more large mandals day after day, just as we have planted this huge mandal tree. Because the keeper needs squillin oil for this vaccine, which can be obtained from this tree.

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