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Earthquake Hits Turkey And Greece, Leaving Hundreds Injured And Many Killed

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West Turkey and Greece have been hit with a tragic earthquake that left at least 14 killed, hundreds injured, and over 20 buildings collapsed on Friday, October 30th. Rescuers rummaged through fallen concrete to save any remaining survivors after the earthquake hit.

After the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the island of Samos by the Aegean Sea was hit by a tsunami triggered by the earthquake, while Turkey was flooded by rivers, mostly around the city of Izmir. Around 70 people were salvaged in the city, according to Izmir's governor.

“Words fail when children are lost. In these difficult hours, our thoughts turn to their families and Samos experiencing unbearable pain," said Greece's Prime Minister in light of the two children who were killed under a collapsed building. 

Source: AlJazeera