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East Sussex College to Offer Diploma in Esports

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Going to college for esports may have once sounded far-fetched but East Sussex College is looking to change that. Starting in September of 2021, the college will be offering a Level 3 Diploma for esports. The program was developed alongside the British Esports Association and looks to offer prospective students a leg up on this growing industry.

“Esports is booming right now, and we’re really excited to be one of the only colleges offering this qualification anywhere in the South East," George Hedges, Head of Curriculum for Computing at East Sussex College Lewes, said. “Students will learn industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, they’ll develop knowledge in game theory, planning and character design, and understand IT technical support and cyber security processes."

The two-year course will be taught at their Lewes campus. The course won't simply be technical work either, students will be out there competing in games as well. "The students will form part of a competitive Esports Team, with entry into national competitions," Hedges said. "They also have an incredible opportunity to plan, promote and manage their own tournaments, initially within the college, but also aimed at a much wider audience.”

According to the British Esports Association, East Sussex College is set to join eighteen other colleges and universities to offer an esports curriculum, scholarships, or hosting competitions. With organizations like the Association for Continuing Education in Esports starting up in 2020 it is likely even more universities in the UK will begin offering esports courses soon.

With esports revenue from 2020 at an estimated $1.1 billion according to Newzoo, it makes sense that students might want to study so they can participate in this growing industry. The course is now open for applications and will begin starting in September 2021.