Easy to forget, but important to remember

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Today is World Kindness Day, which Twitter notified me of this morning. I feel like there are so many "days" in today's society, such as "National doughnut day" or "Siblings day". While it is fun to celebrate these fun and sometimes funny occasions, World Kindness day sticks out to me and actually made me a bit emotional.

Being kind to one another should be practiced without saying. Being kind takes so much less effort than being mean and I must say that being nice to others ends up making me feel better about myself as well. I have always told myself that even if I am having a bad day, why would I ever cast that negative energy onto someone else? Anyone who is constantly mean to others or does not take the time to think outside of their own selves needs some time to reflect and learn from their mistakes.

Today's world is filled with so much negativity, that we as humans bring onto the world. Bullying, shootings, discrimination, racism, and so much more are ever-so-present. All of these issues are brought out by US! HUMANS! The beings of this earth. There are so many things that we cannot control, but we can control how we treat one another. And this world kindness day has really struck a chord in me because I know how easy it is for all of us to make a conscious effort to be nice.

Today and going forward, I am going to push myself to have a smile on my face as I walk the down the street. I am going to tell myself to treat Starbucks workers or Whole Foods cashier's with extra respect and attention. I want to make others feel good about themselves, just as I want to feel about myself. Everyone is equal, everyone has a purpose, and everyone matters. Be kind, be kind, BE KIND.

You may all return to your days now. Thank you.


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