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If you have a photo shoot and you want us to wear lingerie or if you just want to be sexy with a little, you know what I'm saying, this is fine. I love this one of my favorites because it's so pretty, but I don't really wear it that much. But it is actually very pretty on all right, so guys, I was going through the spades on me and Jay's up on me and Jay's Channel where I like thisThis is from eBay Description Template, and while it's not one of my favorites, it's still kind of cute. Oh, and because we're still in our "Blood" session of bodysuits, this is the next piece in this piece is also from Amazon.

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It has the structure bra that cuts like right here, then it has a strap that goes across, um it's a lace and mesh detail number that's really really cute once again, one of those pieces that you could wear in the bedroom to the street, you know what I'm saying, get you some nipple covers unless you're one of those girls who don't care then you don't need any but this is very cute again, one of my favorite pieces, and yeah, andThe only thing I don't like about the wet looks is that they sometimes come with the choker, but this one, yes, I love it. It has the choker number and the wet look on the broad top, but then it's like see-through and sheer all right here with a little bit of strap detail. This is so sexy. It's not a thong. Your ass is covered, but it's still see-through.

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I love it. My favorite color is black, so I'm going to like this leathery, wet-look type of thing right now. This is my vibe. I'll wear this outside, especially if it doesn't have the choker. It'll be a look, it'll be a baker anyway. I believe this is from Amazon. I'm not sure. I'll link it down below, and I'll try to link it in the order that I'm naming it, but I can't make any promises.This one is really cute. It's simple, and it's not one of my favorites, but hey, if you like it, I like it for you, so you get it.Next, we're going into the blues. Okay.

So this is a blue bodysuit from Amazon, and I really like it because it's a multi-purpose bodysuit, or as Jay would say, an all-purpose dress (he always referenced that from a baby boy), but anyway this is like all-purpose because you could totally wear it with some jeans and some leggings ebay item description template , you know what I mean? This one is from Savage X Fenty it is the blue with the denim detail y'all probably tired of seeing this because if you follow Unique and Jay this is actually in our all blue lingerie video but I love this for so many reasons. The detail that she actually put into this one is—you know what I'm saying anyway—you get it, you see me in it, and I love it. I actually just referenced this one in my