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Egyptian Court Acquits Famous TikTok Girls Imprisoned For “Attacking Public Morals”

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Two prominent TikTok stars, Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham have been acquitted by a local Egyptian appeal court after they were jailed for posting videos on TikTok which according to authorities, attacked Egyptian social values and morals.

Mawada al-Adham was arrested in May after posting a satirical video on digital platforms TikTok and Instagram where she had a following of 3.1 million and 1.6 million, respectively. Meanwhile, Hossam was arrested earlier in April for posting a video addressing her female fans that they could make money by working alongside her.

Hossam and Adham were among five women who were ordered to pay hefty fines of nearly $20,000 on the online content they had posted on TikTok. While Hassam has been released and acquitted of the charges, Adham and the other females are still bound to pay the fines. However, the local courts have also placed charges of Human Trafficking on Hassan after her acquittal on Tuesday.

The females were accused of “Debauchery” which in Egyptian law is a term used for several offenses that imply that a person has threatened the Egyptian society’s values and morals.

The initial arrest of the TikTok stars attracted a lot of coverage and the females were known as the “TikTok girls.” The popularity and usage of TikTok rose to fame in Egypt after the government imposed a lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like the case of the “TikTok girls,” An Egyptian dancer Sama al-Masry and an Egyptian singer were also jailed in 2020 and 2018 respectively for uploading viral dance videos on the TikTok app. Last year, the Egyptian parliament also accused TikTok of increasing immorality and nudity in society, subsequently asking the government authorities to ban the viral app.