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Electronic Wedding Invitations: Pros and Cons

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Wedding invitations can be a big expense in your planning, especially if you choose premium features, fonts, and designs. Plus, keeping track of paper invites can be a huge pain, particularly with a long guest list! As such, many couples turn to electronic invitations to encourage guests to save the date, and conveniently RSVP, all without too much added expense. But online invites aren't without their pitfalls. Let's take a look at some of the pros-- and cons-- to sending invitations electronically.

1. Pros

Electronic invitations are definitely more cost effective than having them designed and printed, even if you make paper cards yourself! With the help of free design sites and even event planning services such as Evite, you might be able to create a dream invitation to your wedding without any extra costs at all. You can even try out multimedia invitations that wouldn't be possible on paper, such as a video or animated invitation. Finally, the convenience of RSVP, and the ability to easily link to your registry saves your guests time and effort, which is helpful to avoid the dreaded lack of RSVPs. With technology in the mix, you can also keep track of who's coming and who's not, and who you need to send thank-you notes to! As an added plus, eco-friendly couples and guests will appreciate that there's no paper waste.

2. Cons

The main issue with electronic invitations is that they aren't traditional. As such, it's easy to gloss over a wedding invite in your inbox, or assume that the event is no big deal, when in fact it's probably one of the biggest deals in the couple's lives! For older friends and relatives, navigating an electronic invitation may also prove a challenge, and you may end up chasing RSVPs or creating paper ones in the long run to alleviate the accessibility problem. There's also no paper invitation for the scrapbook, and no memory for your guests to keep of your special day (unless, of course, you give out wedding favors). Of course, you can always have your electronic invite printed for the memory book, but some may not lend themselves well to a paper form, especially if you chose multimedia elements.

There's no wrong way to send invitations, but these are just a few things to think about in your planning.

Photo: Pixabay