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Elvis' Only Grandson Benjamin Keough Dead At 27

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Benjamin Keough, son of Lisa Marie Presley, and the only grandson of ‘King of Rock’ Elvis Presley has been found dead after an apparent suicide. Keough died Sunday, according to Marie’s manager; he had a self-inflicted gunshot wound when the police discovered his body in Calabasas near Los Angeles.

As per The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department statement, they responded to a rescue response call at 6.30 am on Sunday. When they arrived at the scene, they discovered a victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper torso. Keough was pronounced dead then and there,

Mother Lisa Marie Presley is devastated, inconsolable and heartbroken at the death of her son. She is trying to be strong for her daughters, but she has been deeply affected by the sudden tragic death of Keough.

Lisa Marie Presley is the only daughter of late Rock n Roll sensation Elvis Presley. While Lisa has 3 daughters, Benjamin Keough was her only son, who was also widely recognised for bearing a strong resemblance to his iconic grandfather. Benjamin Keough, like Elvis, was also a musician who signed a US$5 million record deal in 2009.

While talking about her son’s resemblance to his late grandfather, Lisa Marie Presley revealed that in October 2012 that backstage at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, people were struck over Benjamin’s resemblance to his famous grandfather Elvis. “He was at the Opry and was the quiet storm behind the stage!” she said. “Everybody turned around and looked when he was over there. Everybody was grabbing him for a photo because it is just uncanny. Sometimes I am overwhelmed when I look at him.”